Cassie-la (yrch_monger) wrote in ewan_icontest,

Challenge X

Despite the fact that our poor Ewan is rarely allowed to show it off in his roles, he is Scottish, and as we know Scottish accent = sexy... generally. So to celebrate this utter Scottitude, your challenge this week is to make an icon proclaiming Ewan's homeland roots to the world. And perhaps even the farthest reaches of space if you see fit.

::Challenge X: Scottish Men Are the Sex::

+ Must represent Ewan's Scottish-ness. (Kilts are not a must, but there are some very interesting photos out there of Ewan rocking one.)
+ You can submit up to two (2) icons.
+ Any blending, animation, etc. goes.
+ No sea ponies.

Deadline ends Friday, March 18th at 12:00 AM (EST). Shame he isn't Irish, this would be excellent for a St. Patrick's Day challenge.

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