Challenge XI

For those of you who didn't see the last post, this challenge will be running slightly in tandem (at least for a week) with Challenge X... which is due March 25th. Sorry for the confusion.

Well, the Fates have bestowed upon us all the perfect opportunity to enjoy an April Fool's Day themed challenge. Your task is to create a humorous icon with which to have us snerking our brains out. 

::Challenge XI: The Sporking Hilarious April Fool's Edition::

+ Must be humorous/amusing/wittily funny etc.
+ Cannot be serious.
+ You can submit up to two (2) icons.
+ Any blending, animation, etc. goes.

Deadline ends Friday, April 1st at 12:00 AM (EST). Surely the planets have aligned for this one!

NEW DEADLINE ENDS: Friday the 15th at 12:00 AM, EST!


Challenge X Extension and Other Bits

We only have six icons, so... EXTENSION! New deadline for Challenge X is March 25 at 12:00 EST. Come on guys, it's not so hard. Surely some of you have some old Scottish proverbs hidden somewhere. ::singing:: You take the high road and I'll take the low road..." etc, etc. Well, maybe not.

Despite this little setback however Challenge XI will be up by Monday because it happens to fall on April Fool's Day perfectly! And if I don't do a challenge for that I shall shrivel up and die. That being said... Thank you for your time.



Challenge X

Despite the fact that our poor Ewan is rarely allowed to show it off in his roles, he is Scottish, and as we know Scottish accent = sexy... generally. So to celebrate this utter Scottitude, your challenge this week is to make an icon proclaiming Ewan's homeland roots to the world. And perhaps even the farthest reaches of space if you see fit.

::Challenge X: Scottish Men Are the Sex::

+ Must represent Ewan's Scottish-ness. (Kilts are not a must, but there are some very interesting photos out there of Ewan rocking one.)
+ You can submit up to two (2) icons.
+ Any blending, animation, etc. goes.
+ No sea ponies.

Deadline ends Friday, March 18th at 12:00 AM (EST). Shame he isn't Irish, this would be excellent for a St. Patrick's Day challenge.

im disaster

Challenge IX Winners

I know what you're thinking, but I actually waited until tonight to post the winners so we could get back on schedule and yrch_monger can post Challenge X tomorrow morning.

Anyway, we had tons of beautiful entries this week. I honestly couldn't be happier with them. That's why it was so hard deciding . . . and perhaps why we had a three-way tie for first place as well as a three-way tie for second. As a result, there will be no other awards this week. XD

by lavanille


by getwicked


by fileg_

by oftheunderworld


by _ob_session


by gaeri

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Congratulations to all!
satine glory

Challenge IX Voting

First of all, I would like to issue a long overdue and extremely sincere apology for the delay in getting the voting for this challenge up. Regardless of whatever computer/social problems might have been going on, it was completely unacceptable, and I beg forgiveness from the members of this community and hope you'll stay with us in spite of our my grievous mistakes. We had some of our best entries this week(s), and I'd hate to loose that.

Anyway, to the voting -

+ Vote for your favorite three icons.
+ Do not vote for yourself.
+ Vote only once.
+ Vote honestly.
+ Anonymous votes will not be counted.
+ Submit your vote as a screened comment to this post.

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Good luck!