I Give Out Flowers (bronzeoliphaunt) wrote in ewan_icontest,
I Give Out Flowers

Challenge IX Voting

First of all, I would like to issue a long overdue and extremely sincere apology for the delay in getting the voting for this challenge up. Regardless of whatever computer/social problems might have been going on, it was completely unacceptable, and I beg forgiveness from the members of this community and hope you'll stay with us in spite of our my grievous mistakes. We had some of our best entries this week(s), and I'd hate to loose that.

Anyway, to the voting -

+ Vote for your favorite three icons.
+ Do not vote for yourself.
+ Vote only once.
+ Vote honestly.
+ Anonymous votes will not be counted.
+ Submit your vote as a screened comment to this post.

1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7// 8// 9// 10// 11// 12// 13// 14// 15// 16// 17// 18// 19//

Good luck!
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